broken van key repair and replacement

Car keys repair London

Remote control and van key repair service LONDON

Car keys repair London service can provide a remote control and car or van key repair service. Broken remote control flip blades are a very common problem motorists can experience.

Sometimes the car or van  key blade can snap off in the ignition of the car and the motorist can not get it out. We can extract the broken car or van  key blade from the car or van ignition. Once removed we can then pick the car or van lock so as to decode and cut a new car or van key blade for the customer.

Get it fixed immediately

Whether it is a broken car or van key blade or replacing the old and worn casing of a remote control fob for your vehicle we can get it fixed in no time with our mobile auto locksmith anywhere in Greater London.

Wide range of stock for your replacement

We stock a wide range of remote control flip blade casings including Honda, Vauxhall, VW, Peugeot, Citroen, and  Nissan to name but a few.

As long as the remote control fob still works but is badly worn out we can simply swap over the insides to a brand new casing and blade. Even if you have lost the car or van key blade completely we can usually cut a new car or van key blade and replace the old shell and casing.

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